"El cambio es la única cosa inmutable"
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) Filósofo alemán

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Monday, June 09, 2008

New Sunrise.

Yes my dear, hold me tight
and carry me until the sunrise.

For how long have I wanted
somebody to share my life with?
So now that we finally meet…
sure, I want it to be with you.
But for a little bit I just wonder
could all of this be true?
Is it really happening to me?
I just happen to find someone
that can mirror my feelings
that I can trust with my being.

Oh yes my dear, hold me tight
and carry me until the sunrise.

To the waking up of happiness.
To the start of something new.
Let the sadness stay behind us
and get lost along with the night.
Sure thing there are some scars,
I know about those, I also have mines.
But they can begin to heal now
while we walk together into the light.

Yes my dear, hold me tight.
Hold me strong and for long.
That I want to be the mirror
of your kindness
and the beauty in your eyes.
I’m confident you will be mine.
Sure, we can spend time to know
each other better so,
lend me your hand and let’s make a deal.
And then we can go to face together
this wonderful, magnificent
new sunrise, coming out of this hill.

eugenio abraham
Junio 9, 2008.

Sisisi, esta en ingles. Culpen a los Beeatles, he estado oyendo el soundtrack de Across the Universe toda la semana. En cuento haga una version en espanol (por que no creo que lo pueda traducir tal cual), la publico. Pasen un bonito dia!!!! Besos y abrazos :)

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