"El cambio es la única cosa inmutable"
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) Filósofo alemán

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Going inside.

If you could let me in
I know I can make you bright
I don’t pretend to be him
and neither going to try.
But if you let me in
I’m certain it will be right.

Listen to me, don’t be afraid.
For now I just want to hold your hand
I want to be there along the way.
Looking at you, making you strong…
nothing else counts.
I assure you, nothing else do I pretend.
Or at least for now, because…

If you could let me in
- If you can trust me with your life,
I know I can make you bright.
You already know the way.
Just remember, don’t forget
that you already are a light.

And all that loneliness
you are now feeling
is just the weight of the night
making pressure in your heart.
But you are not alone anymore
and I am sure that neither am I.

So please, just let me in.
Take your time,
I can wait for you for a while.
And remember, you won’t be alone
And neither will I be
when you allow me… to go inside.

eugenio abraham
Junio, 2008.

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