"El cambio es la única cosa inmutable"
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) Filósofo alemán

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love... I dont know.

Love ends when reality strikes. Promises brake when a situation gets real. Words dilute in the air when what we did not expect to happen becomes too real. An "I don't care what they think" becomes an "I don't want to deal with them now" or an "I'd love you to move in" becomes an "I'm afraid we are moving too fast." Phrases of love become half phrases with fear. What before was an amazing opportunity to stay over becomes an uncomfortable moment because someone is not ready. What once was called love becomes doubt and uncertainty. Who you could expect to give it all for you is not willing to see you in the eye. Someone that said would do anything to make you happy later cannot fight for even a smile.

This is what most people call love. It is some brief moments in which they feel it, impulsively, just because a heart makes them feel good about themselves. It is just the belief that everything will be fine. What happens when some things are not fine? Love just flies away, it dies, or it ceases to exist. It vanishes. What is it really that people expect when they say "I love you"? What is it really that people fear when someone tells them "I love you? What is it that does not hold together a word and a feeling? What is it that makes it so easy to stop loving a loved one?

A precious heart was once desired, taken care of, admired. But it was only when it was not to be touched, forbidden, unreachable. Love died when it became reachable, touched, and attainable. What love was called before is now "me too." It's now a correspondence, not a feeling. It's paying back, not giving. Or is it? I don't know.

Was it a beam of light that lasted for a few moments? Is it worth anyone's love and not just a transient excitement? Is it bigger than anything else? Is it special at all? Hello! It's special when it can make someone love it while it's unreachable. It can make someone forget about that love when it gives its shine away for the other half to shine. Not a talent that much people want and one that is not widespread either.

What is it for you? Or you? Or you? What was it for you? How could that change if someone were so confident, so thrilled, so… Does it matter now at all? Can it do something at all? Would someone even do something? I don't know.

by Cisco (osito charmin)

Escrito por "my little brother" Cisco, en su blog Kr0n05.
Me dejo pensando muchas cosas.


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